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The Gut Truth About Publishing. posted Jan 1, 2008
2008 and a new age in publishing
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Recipes when and wherever you need them. posted Jul 4, 2010
Mobile developers may think in code, but they dream about watermelon and chocolate lava cake. But just as memorizing all the phrases of CSS, HTML, AS3, VB, or C++ can be a challenge, keeping ingredients and preparation instructions at the ready when grocery shopping or in the kitchen can exceed even those with photographic memory.
When: Jun 10, 2010
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Device Envy and the Ultimate Do-it-all Tablet. posted Apr 14, 2009
HTC way back in the late 1990s allowed us to dream about the day when being tethered to a workstation was a thing of the past. With nearly all your communication and organization functions delivered in a mobile device such as the very earliest Ipaq to later incarnations like the HTC Shift and the HTC Touch, to the very latest HTC Android devices like the Hero and Evo, this dream is becoming reality.
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Information silos, and why my phone doesn't post birthdays to my calendar. posted Jul 4, 2010

As much as I love my Nokia with its Microsoft Office tools like Word and Excel, every so often I frustrate myself on some missing usability feature. This has to do with silly stuff that seems intuitive enough to me, like propagating birthdates from the contacts database to the calendar.
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User interface design for multiple screen sizes. posted Jul 4, 2010
Developers transitioning to applications for the mobile platform deal with the prospect of developing one site for the desktop screen and yet another for the downsized version for mobile devices.
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