Discovery through custom content
A quest for travel experiences and telling the hotel story

Habitatmart brings together talented photographers, content writers, and web gurus in a quest to tell the engaging story.

Founder and avid traveler, Florence Hsu, started in this quest by writing articles about travelling. Since then, she has independently published literature dedicated to the sustainable environment and developed Habitatmart's interactive website and creative community. She brings skills in Adobe design tools, and extensive experience with technology. Be sure to contact Florence at habitatmart @ gmail.com for your content creation and publishing needs.

Past collaborations and events include:
  • Roniq Bartanen, photographer
  • Harlan Chinn, photographer
  • 2006-present. Independent publishing of young adult and sustainability themed literature and books. Find books, logo hoodies and totes in our online store.
  • July 2013. Designed a poster using Adobe Indesign for the International Committee on Large Dams conference (ICOLD) conference in Seattle, WA. Find out more.
  • July 2012. Panelist on dam safety at the Hydrovision conference in Louisville, Kentucky. Find out more.
  • June 2012. Poster presentation on dam safety at the ICOLD International Committee on Large Dams conference in Kyoto, Japan. Also publication of a research paper about online dashboards for dam safety analytics published in International Hydropower magazine. Find out more.
  • May 2012. Presented tutorial on independent publishing including training material related to creating interactive content and electronic books including epub (iBooks) at the Kansei Engineering and Emotion Research Conference (KEER) conference focused on user-centric product development. Find out more [password required].
  • February 2011. Organized the Mobile Publishing Lab Seattle Meetup group for writers, publishers and developers of interactive content for mobile and tablet platforms. Interviewed Dan Coxon, author of the "Wee Book of Scotland".
  • October 2011. Authored business profile on the Hub and Bespoke bicycle store in Fremont published in Momentum Magazine, a magazine geared to the urban bicycle commuter.
  • July 2010. Developed a mobile application using Flashlite using SQLite for storing and searching recipes on a mobile phone. Application included in the Nokia Calling All Innovator's contest.
  • February 2010. Contributed costuming assistance for the Fete Du Flaneur fundraising event and celebration organized by the Great City advocacy group dedicated to sustainable urban infrastructure.
  • 2010. Contributed bicycle couture designs for the Seattle Magazine Seamless design contest and Blue Festival, organized by The Mangrove Action Project for sustainable oceans. Visit our portfolio of design work.
  • 2009. Contributed bicycle fashions for the Sustainable Ballard festival in Seattle.
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